Feminist Spin Doctors

According to the news New Zealand is reverting to a sexist society because the wage gap between men and women increased a couple of percent according to recent poles.

Now the feminists are crying foul and saying that the statistics reflect sexism in pay rates. But is there another way to interpret the statistics?

Of course there are any number of reasons for this statistic showing increasing pay disparity.  First, there is possibly a connection between the number of jobs lost in the current recession and how many of those jobs were traditionally taken by women. It is impossible to know without the appropriate data. Just as the gathering of the data used in the statistics used to expose the pay parity discrepancy would have a great effect on the accuracy of their claim.

However, statistic accuracy aside, lets put another spin on the data.

Feminists are crying that it is the fault of the male population that women are being paid less.  Perhaps that is not the case at all. Perhaps it is a case of women undercutting men to steal their jobs.  Of course an employer is going to employ someone who comes along and says they will do the job for several thousand a year less. Thousands of men are being made redundant, or unable to get jobs because women are out there undercutting them and working for less money.

So is it the fault of men that women are paid less, or is it the fault of women driving down wages because they take jobs for less pay?

If someone isn’t paying a fair wage for the work they want done I don’t work for them. Yet it appears women are stepping and taking the job instead of holding out until the employer is prepared to pay a fair wage.

It is all a matter of perspective. Assuming a victim mentality, or crying for more legislation is not the answer. Get more skills and set your own pay rate. The fact that we have had women leading the country is a fair indication that there is nothing stopping women achieving what ever they want if they are prepared to sacrifice to get it.