Please And Thank-You

When Did Politeness Become Redundant?

I must have missed the memo that said we no longer need to use our please and thank you vocabulary in today’s society.

My recent altercation with a property developer would never have eventuated if he had originally asked me to please sign this contract instead of sign this contract or else ….

I had an emergency phone call from a neighbour needing some help to get his hay in because it was raining.  I took my truck down and gave him a hand at a moments notice.   Perhaps a follow up phone call to say thank you is too much too ask?

I guess things are done differently today. People are too busy to be bothering with all that polite stuff.  Maybe I am expecting too much.

Or maybe … just maybe … if you make it a habit in your business to treat people with respect, to ask politely, and to follow up with a thank-you you will stand out from the crowd.

I think that is so unexpected these days that any business who really makes an effort to use good manners will be well rewarded with loyal clientele.   Make it a part of your marketing campaign and brand yourself as a 21st century business with 19th century morality, where we treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.   Or something to that effect.

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