Keeping Customers – By Shotgun

“Any Customer Tries To Escape I Shoot!”

What lengths would you go to keep a customer?

Being in business myself I work on the philosophy that if a customer wants out the best action for me is to open the door.

I am astounded at people who think their best course of action is to hold a customer against their will – perhaps using a legal contract rather than a shotgun, but to the same effect.

Why would you want someone forced to remain connected to you when they are obviously going to be doing everything they can to cause damage to you and your business?

Isn’t the statistic something like for every negative report about your company it takes 10 good ones to compensate?  And that is just an average Joe negative report, imagine an entire media campaign of negativity …

Know when to hold’em and when to fold’em is all I am saying.

Things That Make You Raise Your Eyebrows

“Don’t raise your eyebrow at me”

Said a previous boss to me one day after he had explained our project for the day.

I didn’t realize it was that obvious at that time. But since then I pay more attention to my subconscious displays of disbelief.

What sparked this comment?

Glad you asked.

I got a “Dear Dean McNamara” email from Squidoo HQ today. It wasn’t sent to just anyone.  No, it was sent to the select top 3% of squidoo lens masters.

The intent of the email was suggest that if I wasn’t happy with my Squidoo income I should have a look at the linked lens of tips.

Why should that raise my eyebrow?

Well given that I make approximately $1.50 from lenses each month, sometime is a little more, sometimes a little less, and because I got the email, I must be in the “top 3%” this holds out little hope that the other 97% of Squidoo lensmasters are making much money.

I figured out very early in the game that the effort required to make a living from Squidoo would be far better invested in my own sites – after all, why split the revenue with Squidoo? So I am not too concerned if I make money or not from my lenses – they are there for other purposes.

However, there are a lot of people joining up to Squidoo on an ongoing basis thinking they are going to make money online and be able to achieve this or that. The fact is, I am supposedly in the top 3% and I make $1.50 a month.

So don’t hold your breath is all I am saying …

Alternatively, I might not be as “select” as they suggested. In which case I am thinking that tactic has the potential to backfire. After all, if the majority of people are making similar wages as I am (and I suspect they are, judging by my lens rankings) then they will now think that there is no money to be made from Squidoo and will likely give up.

I wonder which scenario is true …