The Public Education Fail

We have a meet the teacher evening coming up next week for our primary school kids. After getting their second term reports we have no real reason to go, although we will anyway. It is good to know what the teachers are trying to accomplish.

The interesting thing about the reports is not so much the teacher’s assessment, they just tick the boxes to say average, above average, or not average. But it was the section where the kids got do their own assessment.

One of my daughters achieved a mostly average report from her teacher, and when it came to assessing herself she ticked mostly “achieving” boxes as well. The daughter is one of the oldest in her class because of they way school system works here (essentially holding her back 6 months instead of pushing her forward). So she is mostly above average in her class. But when it came to the self assessment she ticked all the “excelling” boxes. She has a high opinion of herself!

Combine these results with the book I am currently reading by Robert Kiyosaki:

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Although it is 20 years old, few lessons have been learned since the time it was written. The school system has become a little less results oriented (although I am not entirely sure I agree that this is actually better for most students), but they still do not teach a child that they can achieve anything they can dream.

I will be interested to see if my optimistic daughter still believes she is “excelling” in all areas as she moves through the school system.

I hope I can teach my children what the school system failed to teach me. And I hope they can learn it at a much earlier age than I learned it.

What about you?

Have you educated yourself so that you can educate your children in a way that they might have a chance of retiring independent of the Government? Or so they might achieve any of their dreams?