The Difference Of One

What difference does one make?

One day you are a high roller living it up with all the toys money can buy. Then next day the stock market plummets and you are bankrupt. What difference does one day make?

Or perhaps you are struggling to make ends meet and not sure where the rent is coming from this week. You get given a lottery ticket for your birthday and that one ticket makes you a millionaire in an instant (incidentally I didn’t win a thing – but I am sure someone did). One day, one ticket, one life that will never be the same again.

What about one person? Have you ever met one person had such an impact on your life that it will never be the same again? If you are married then I would hope that you have at least had this experience once. Perhaps it was even one teacher at school, or one employer that took an interest in you. Maybe it is a friend or relative that has helped you out. It could even be an author or someone you have never met in person.

There are many stories of a Sunday School teacher, a sports coach, or someone in the neighbourhood who have invested time in others inspiring them to achieve greatness. From Presidents to Olympic champions tales are told of the one person that is credited with their success.

It only takes one moment in time, one action, one person to transform a life forever. A challenge this week is to try and be that person. See if you can change the life of someone else for the better.

If you have one person that has impacted your life feel free to share that story here.