NZ Post Endorses Child Porn

I couldn’t believe it myself – surely NZ Post would not want to be associated with child porn?  New Zealand Post supports porn

Apparently so.

Of course I should add that they did make a couple of stipulations before allowing their name to be connected to child porn.  In their own words:

We first became aware of the explicit nature of “Into the River” a week before the awards were announced – at which point we insisted that a label reading “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” be prominently affixed to all copies at the point of sale and in libraries, and that the explicit nature of this content be highlighted in the media statement announcing the awards. Booksellers New Zealand agreed to meet these requirements.

So if you want sponsorship by NZ Post for promoting child porn all you have to do is make sure it is correctly labeled.  Because obviously a book in a children’s library labeled R18 is not going to draw attention from younger readers!

I am really looking forward to seeing NZ Post sponsoring the Boobs On Bikes parades around the country.  No doubt this will be followed up by Teens On Poles. In fact why stop at porn industry domination, NZ Post might as well dominate the drug industry as they have the perfect supply chain in place.

Perhaps they were just duped by the official sounding name of the organization that they decided to back. After all the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards sounds harmless enough.  It also carries the names of famous NZ children’s book authors such Magaret Mahy. Perhaps they didn’t realize the depth of depravity that exists in the NZ children’s publishing scene.

You certainly wouldn’t expect such depravity if all you did was glance at the awards Facebook page. No sir, they don’t even allow excerpts of their children’s porn to be posted on the page because it might offend some of their more sensitive supporters. I am not sure who is going to be offended, after all these books are  recommended reading for children. Perhaps pre-school children might be browsing the page?

I have been informed that it is better for children to be reading about pornographic experiences, drug use, and other debortury than experiencing it in the “real world,” by supporters of the book awards.  I guess this means that future winners of the NZ Post Childrens Book Awards will delve into all manner of depravity because they think they are entitled to expose children to this in print so they don’t have to experience it in the flesh.

I am sure NZ Post will be only too happy to accommodate correctly labeled books on child bestiality,  sex with infants, and every other disgusting thing imaginable. In their own words “New Zealand Post is committed to helping children learn and explore.”