RIP Innovation

Has innovation died?

Time Magazine published an article “10 Ideas For The Next 10 Years” and number ten on that list made the statement that we have entered the “boring age.”

We think we are innovative because we now have phones integrated with web browsers and touch screens. But the article asks where is the innovation that invented the phone? Where is the innovation that invented the combustion engine?

Sure we are tweaking already existent technology, we have smart phones and more efficient engines. But we don’t drive flying spaceships and we don’t have vacations on the moon.

What we do have is oil slicks destroying large tracts of our oceans. We have more cool electronic gadgets that replace old clunky items that came from the past. But how much of this innovation is just filling in time. Much like the new social media craze online – people waste a lot of time on social network sites. Some even believe they are building a business. The reality is that they will be doing the same things 5 years from now, still believing they are building a business.Just as engineers believe all their gadgetry is innovative.

I think we are ready for some real innovation. Who knows it might create some jobs and economic growth.