Fastways The Ugly Truth

Fastway Couriers are often championed as a franchise success story.

Beneath all that glitz and glamour is much more sordid truth.  This is a company that leaves a trail of unpaid bills and devastated franchisees in its wake as it soars to success.

Our local franchise has had 5 owners in 4 years. When the last area franchisee absconded there were many people left unpaid.  Couriers who had delivered freight for the whole Fastway network left unpaid. When head office stepped in to run the franchise in the interim and unpaid bills were presented the response was, and I quote, “Good luck with that bill.”

Were the Fastway franchisors so flippant about getting their own money I wonder?

There are many other stories regarding their own employees and other sub contractors that shine a different light on this “award winning system” and its “good leadership skills” but that is for them to tell – although, if they would like to contact me I may provide a public forum for them to voice their story.

I think this arrogance and thievery has gone on unchecked long enough.  It is time for Fastway Couriers to stop hiding behind each business being “independently owned” and take ownership of its brand name (while it still has a brand name).  It is time to stop ripping off hard working Kiwi families. Take a stand before all they known as is that Fastway scam.