Unexpected Bonus

Marketing Guru Over Delivers

I have experienced doing business with a number of internet marketing “gurus” and so called online education companies.  The one thing that most of them have in common is … an inane ability to underwhelm.

I have been less than impressed with most of these people and companies.   They promise the moon and fail to deliver more than a mud cake.

When I sign up to these courses and products all I am looking for is that they deliver what they say they will.

In a sea of false promises and exaggerated claims, one man has hoisted the flag of a different standard.  He has not only determined to deliver his very best stuff as promised, but he has shown a personal interest in the development of his students.

Who sends hard copy books as unannounced bonuses across the other side of the world (without even asking for postage)?  Who is this man that dares to walk a different path to his peers?

Doberman Dan is that man.

As a member of his protege training course, I am learning as much by his actions as I am by his teaching.  Imagine a teacher that actually lives the methods he is teaching – unheard of in the internet world.

I hear a lot of talk about things like “moving the free line” and to “over-deliver” but these people are saying you do that to gain trust.  Once your customer sees the value you give away, they will be happy to spend money with you: even if you have given your best value up front and the rest of what you have to offer gives little more.  Most customers feel obliged to refrain from seeking a refund if the paid product underwhelms because of the great value you gave them upfront.

Doberman Dan hasn’t short changed his members on the inside.  Even though he already has the money, he is constantly looking for ways to over deliver.  To give the more value than he promised, and more value than any of his protegee expected.

Why make this post?

Strangely enough, it is not to promote my affiliate link to Dan’s program.  The program is full so you can’t join if you want to. I don’t have an affiliate link even if you could join (which you can’t).

I am just saying most of what the “gurus” are preaching is yesterday’s strategies.  Short changing clients on the inside because you “over deliver” up front is no longer acceptable (was it ever?).  Over selling your product now warrants investigation by the FTC.  Fake testimonials, failing to disclose your relationship with products, and promoting abnormal results no longer flies.

If you are going to build a business, develop a relationship, or market a product you are going to have to connect with your customer like in the olden days.  With respect and integrity.  If you want to survive in tomorrows world.