Internet Mafia

I was at the library today (long story) and I came across this book in the computer section:

The Accidental Billionaires

And I was intrigued as to why it was filed in the middle of all the various computer manuals so I picked it up.

Anyway, long story short, I ended up skim reading through the whole book as it was quite an entertaining read.

If you want to get an idea of what really goes on behind the scenes of these house-hold named internet companies I suggest you grab a copy. I was not surprised to learn what I did, as I have experienced the seedy side of the internet up close and personal myself.

I don’t know how much was fact and how much was embellishment in this story, but I do that nothing has changed. There are still people stealing ideas, stealing traffic, back stabbing, and outright robbing other people blind even as you read this.

Nothing much has changed, except those start-up companies are billion dollar enterprises and there are new companies fighting for global niche domination every day.

All I can advise is that you take the proper care to protect yourself from these kind of shenanigans before venturing too far out into the world wide web way of doing business.