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Remember Me

Dean McNamara Is My Name

I introduced myself to the gentleman who asked my name.  I watched his reaction expecting some glimmer of recognition.


My previous impression of the other person was only reinforced by this encounter.

I am terrible with names and could tell of any number of occasions where I had no idea what the name of the other person I was talking to was.  However, I can usually remember who you are once I know your name, if we have met before.

The gentleman I was talking to on this occasion was someone I had met a number of times before.  The fact that he could not recall any of these occasions showed he no interest in me and I lost all interest in connecting with him again.

Dale Carnegie in his book How To Win Friends And Influence People stresses the importance of remembering names, and connecting with people by listening. He gives the example of many people who have achieved beyond their eduction, beyond their station in life, and beyond their qualifications.

How did they do this?

They specialized in learning people’s names.  They listened with intent as other people spoke.  They were approachable and amiable.

Nothing has changed.  People still like to talk about themselves. They still like to be recognized.

I wonder if the gentleman who forgot me will remember me next time we meet – although I very much doubt it.

After all, I am only Dean McNamara…


Time Is A Curious Thing

I missed most of an online webinar today because I am in New Zealand and no one told me that yesterday was a change in daylight time in EST USA.  Which if you are in the position of hosting webinars I ask that you always a GMT time – it just makes sense!

As I write this it is currently 10pm. I was just interrupted by a phone call from some telephone marketing company selling some kind of promotional holiday package.  After listening to her initial spiel I replied “At 10 o’clock at night?”

The telemarketer started up again, and I interrupted “At 10 o’clock?”  After several of these interchanges she finally goes “Well should I call back tomorrow.”  Sorry lady, but you blew it.  If there had been any chance of me being interested in your deal, calling me at 10pm wrecked it.

You can be in time, on time, out of time. It can be almost time, past time, plenty of time, no time.  It is enough to have your mind working over time.

But there is one thing for sure, you only have so much time.  We don’t know how much time we have been allotted, but once our time is up there is no extra innings.

I have a friend whose mother recently went to hospital for a minor complaint and was told she has 3 months to live.  Another friend was playing soccer recently when his heart gave out.

Time is a curious thing.

We think and act like we have unlimited time…  Until it is too late.

We sell this limited commodity called time for a few dollars an hour, or even worse we squander it on meaningless activities. We can not buy back our time, we can not live it again.  We get one shot to use our time.

Would you spend your time any differently if you were told you only had a few weeks left?

Inside the mind of Dean McNamara.

Hey Dean What Am I Supposed To Do?

What No Buy Now Button?

After starting this blog and the associated Dean McNamara dotcom site I asked some forum members what they thought about the style of my sites.

The feedback of one of the members was;

“I visited your sites but I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do.”

I have been thinking about that a little, and it occurs to me that it is a rather sad state when we can’t go to a website without expecting to have to buy something, or sign up to a list to be marketed to.

Call me a sentimentalist, but don’t you miss the good ol’ days – pre dotcom bust – when people put up websites for no other reason than they wanted to self-publish something?

I am not saying that I won’t put the occasional advert/affiliate link on my sites, but at this stage I have no intention of turning my personal sites into giant flashing billboards.

So any time you feel in the mood for a little nostalgia head over to DeanMcNamara.info