Your Business Is In The Relationship

Life is so busy. We have to rush here and be there. Surroundings become a blur.

People we meet often become apart of that blurred surrounding. Even when we are forced to face other people, we don’t want to take the time to get to know them because we don’t have time in our busy lives for another relationship.

Dale Carnegie made a lot of money when he recognized this tendency of modern society.  His book How to Win Friends and Influence People changed the lives of many people, but it was not enough to reverse the trends of a generation. So, unfortunately, his book is as relevant today as it ever was.

Good relationships are the key to a great business and a happy life. Something overlooked by so many. A point that brought home to me again today as I watched someone “booted” from an internet site for being a little too forward for the status quo. This same person with whom I would later share ideas and form a working relationship.

Is your comfort zone limiting your life?
Is your comfort zone limiting you business?

I suggest you read How To Win Friends and Influence People again if you have read it before. Remind yourself how to really get ahead in this world.

Remember Me

Dean McNamara Is My Name

I introduced myself to the gentleman who asked my name.  I watched his reaction expecting some glimmer of recognition.


My previous impression of the other person was only reinforced by this encounter.

I am terrible with names and could tell of any number of occasions where I had no idea what the name of the other person I was talking to was.  However, I can usually remember who you are once I know your name, if we have met before.

The gentleman I was talking to on this occasion was someone I had met a number of times before.  The fact that he could not recall any of these occasions showed he no interest in me and I lost all interest in connecting with him again.

Dale Carnegie in his book How To Win Friends And Influence People stresses the importance of remembering names, and connecting with people by listening. He gives the example of many people who have achieved beyond their eduction, beyond their station in life, and beyond their qualifications.

How did they do this?

They specialized in learning people’s names.  They listened with intent as other people spoke.  They were approachable and amiable.

Nothing has changed.  People still like to talk about themselves. They still like to be recognized.

I wonder if the gentleman who forgot me will remember me next time we meet – although I very much doubt it.

After all, I am only Dean McNamara…