Cyclists And Other Noxious Pests

The day after a cycle event and the roadside outside our gateway is littered in trash – some of which you can see below.

cyclist trash

Typical Scene After Cyclists

Lycra clad tossers that pay no road tax, riding unregistered, unwarranted, uninsured vehicles “racing” on the roads and leaving behind a trail of trash wonder why the rest of the road users view them in the same light as other noxious pests such as opossums and fair game for roadkill.

Their total disregard for other road users (who pay for the roads) and complete arrogance toward those who live along these country roads is appalling.  They are allowed to “race” on the roads, when people racing in motor vehicles are deemed to be “boy racers” and targeted by the police.

It is high time that the roads were cleaned up and the lycra clad morons made to obey the road rules.