You Never Know Who Knows Who

It has been an interesting day today.

I was working at the neighbours in my digger when a motor cyclist pulled up wanting some help to repair his bike.  As the neighbours were out, I invited the motor cyclist next door to my parents house to access some tools.

We live in the country and houses are some distance apart so Dad’s shed was much closer than mine.  Anyway, as the guy takes off his helmet at the shed, he saw my Dad and says “You never know who you are going to meet.”

It turns out they both have a holiday home in same bay and know each other.

Tonight I was in an internet marketers chat room.  It turns out I knew many of the members in the chat via different forums and online activities.  Yet I didn’t know they were all connected via this chat room.

The world is a very small place.  It was once said that all people in the world are connected by 7 levels of separation at the most.  In other words, if you expand your acquaintances, their acquaintances, their acquaintances acquaintances etc out seven times you would have connected every one.  I believe that the advances in technology since then have cut that almost in half.

The point of this post?

I guess if you had to make a point, it would be that if you are not genuine in this world you will be found out sooner or later.

Connections have connections.