Fuel Price Gouging

I am appalled at the gall of the AA petrol watch spokes person.

Recently I quit my AA (Automobile Association) membership after almost 25 years as a member because they are a gutless organization that has long since forgotten what their mandate was.

You would think they would be standing up for the NZ motorist.  Instead they are more interested in becoming a tour guide.

Now they are “speaking out” against the rising cost of fuel, and suggesting the Government should remove G.S.T (Goods and Services Tax) on fuel.  Given that it is a tax on a tax as 40% of the cost of fuel is already tax.

Where have they been since G.S.T. was introduced in 1986?

But what really ticks me off is the fact the A.A. rewards program is associated with the B.P. fuel company.   Why should that annoy me you ask?  Because B.P. is the fuel company that is invariable the leader in any price hikes.

This latest price hike saw B.P. raise the price of standard fuel by 10 cents before any of the other companies.  Not only that, they were forced to reduce their price when the other companies remained several cents lower.

If the A.A were really interested in the welfare of the NZ motorist maybe they should look at cleaning up their own house.

On the bright side it sounds like those in charge of the Hollywood trademark are going to block our local “Wellywood” sign.  It seems that the general public here also thinks it is “Tackywood” and only our officials and celebrities are delighted by the concept.