Mercury Marine Advertising Fail Unleashed.

Mercury Marine are the latest in advertising fails with their new television ad campaign.

This ad which is nothing special, but is nothing tragic either, simply encourages people to look at buying a new motor before the New Zealand Government slaps a GST (Goods Service Tax) price increase on everyone next month.

They even direct people from the ad to a website. Which is a good tactical move as it will give them some idea if their advertising expenditure is having any effect at all.


At the end of the advert the viewing audience is encouraged to visit to check out the deals and find a local dealer.

Whoever designed this ad needs to be looking for a new job – along with the person in charge of their website.

The ad creator needs a new job because they never checked the website, and the website manager needs a new job because he is rubbish. Sure the site looks pretty enough – but the majority of people who follow the instructions given in the advert are going to get this message:

advertising fail by mercury marine

Many of their expensive leads are going to be put off by such a message I am sure.

They could have corrected this error by telling people to go to “www.” which is actually where their site is indexed. Or they could set up their website correctly in the first place and people would be able to enter either version and still arrive at the website – all it takes is 2 small lines of code correctly inserted!

Not happy with this gaff Mercury Marine make another one.

My initial reaction when I discovered this error was to contact the person in charge of promotions and inform them of their error – as they may well not notice for weeks, if ever, and their campaign could suffer extensively.

However, upon finding the site I discover that Mercury Marine are so interested in their customers input that there is no way of contacting them. Sure you can find the local dealer’s information – but they are not Mercury Marine. And to be honest, I would not waste my breath dealing with the local dealers after past experience.

The closest thing I found to a contact for Mercury Marine was the job application email address – to which I sent an email asking to be put through to the promotions department. As yet no reply.

So in the mean time – congratulations on your advertising FAIL MERCURY MARINE.