Billions Of Dollars Successfully Invested To Prove No Life On Mars

The world is in a financial crisis and yet there is still money being spent proving that there is no life on Mars.

Instead of investing the money in saving the only life that we know exists in the Universe we are spending money chasing the possibility that there may once have been life somewhere else. The delicate balance of circumstances that supports life on Earth makes the probability that we will find other life forms in outer-space akin to winning the lottery … three times in a row.

The oceans are being raped to destruction by fishing companies, large areas of the earth polluted by oil companies, plastic and chemical trash choking the environment, and we respond by collecting rock samples from Mars.  Obviously we are a highly evolved species.

Earthquakes, droughts, floods and now volcanoes rock the world – maybe the environment is fighting back. As we focus on the performance of the worlds best athletes at the London Olympics we can get an exaggerated view of our abilities and dominance of the Earth.  Some people believe that Humans were all but wiped from the face of the Earth once before, and scientific models suggest that a mere change of temperature by a couple of degrees could threaten the bulk of the population again. Whatever you believe about the global warming claims, the devastation that a couple of degree shift could have can not be denied.

It always intrigues me that people who believe that there is no such thing as divine intervention have so little concern about the future of the food supply and life as we know it. Greed seems to dominate the actions of the majority. A selfish desire for immediate gratification is more important than the condition that we leave the planet in for our children and grand children.  Just another example of a world view that looks good on paper but can not be lived out in real life.

On another note Olympian Valerie Adams left 4 million Kiwis disappointed this morning. Not disappointed in her, but disappointed for her. Only two athletes in the women shotput would be disappointed with a silver medal. One of them won gold, and the other won silver. Any other athlete in the competition would have been overjoyed with the silver.  Of course we all would have liked another gold medal to keep New Zealand ahead of Australia in the medal count, but that is only because it upsets the Australians so much that we are beating them. I think most Kiwis are that used to having our much larger population neighbours beat us that we don’t feel quite the same sense of insult that they do.


Is Olympic Gold Enough

Here we are in the midst of the London Olympics. New Zealand is having a record medal haul and our close cousins the Australians are … not. Interestingly, at least one of their newspapers is recording the Aus Zealand results. Perhaps, given the state of the medal results we should be thinking more in terms of New Tralia.

Politics aside, the thing that strikes me most listening to the after match interviews is the amount of work these people have put in to achieving their success. Our gold medal rowers talk in terms of not 4 years, not even 8 years, but 10 or 12 years in their journey to gold.

Mahe Drysdale finally put to rest the demons of the Beijing Olympics and collected the one title that had escaped him all these years of being at the top of his game. Certainly a well deserved result.

Sure there are a few freaks of genetics like Bolt and Phelps that seem to make it look easy, but even they have invested thousands of hours in training to fine tune their genetic advantage.

While I do admire their commitment and celebrate their results I do wonder if it was all worth it as they look back on life. Michael Phelps made it clear that he was enjoying the Olympic experience for the first time after being so single minded in his focus for the past couple of Olympics.

Our medal winners made such comments as they were going to celebrate by eating chocolate, or drinking a few beers. I can imagine why they might, but is that it? They have just achieved the goal of a significant portion of their life’s efforts and all they get is a gold plated disc, a bar of chocolate, and a few beers.

Ok that isn’t the end of it. No doubt they will get a big parade and plenty of accolades when they get home. But in 4 years time there will be another Olympics and unless they are back there competing they will be all but forgotten in the excitement of the Olympics (long live the Olympics).

Because New Zealand doesn’t win a lot of medals we do tend to celebrate many of our past winners for years to come. I wonder if that makes it even harder for the athletes. We only remember them for one achievement. Unless they do something really bad, everything else they do will always be overshadowed by an Olympic medal performance.

Perhaps not. Perhaps they think different to me. And I do not pick on Olympic athletes for any other reason than it is currently on. It could be any sports players, office workers, hobby fanatics, or you or me. Is what we are doing, have done, in life going to leave the legacy that we are proud of? Have we really made a difference with our time on Earth?

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Merry Christmas ACC

What kind of sadistic Government department sends out its bills to arrive on Christmas Eve – ACC it seems.

Is it really necessary  to have bills arriving Christmas Eve ACC?

I guess it was necessary because another investment choice of the Accident Compensation Department  has gone belly up. When the Pike Mine went into receivership we find out that ACC was one of the major stake holders. Once again all the money that we have been taxed has gone up in smoke.

The mismanagement of the ACC funds has been colossal. It seems that they feel gambling with our money is an acceptable past-time. Given that they loose more than they win and consequently have to keep raising funds by increasing the tax on everything I am very tempted to write in and tell them where to stick their Christmas card.

Of course they are the Government so a war against them will never be won by an individual.

Merry Christmas ACC.