Mighty River Power Changes Kiwi Investments

Bill English would have us believe that the float of Mighty River Power is heralding in new era in kiwi investments. Bill English would love to see Mom and Pop Kiwi investors screwed out of their life savings investing in our energy companies.

Why is the Government selling these “family jewels” of our nation?  Could it be that they want the money generated – enough to pay for four weeks of borrowing at current rates in the case of Mighty River Power? Possibly … after all they need to make the books look good in light of the next election (although it will take more than good book keeping to reverse public opinion of a dictatorship gone feral).  Or could it be something else?

What Bill English and the government didn’t put in their pretty brochures and hoped you didn’t do your homework to find out – Our family jewels have been run into the ground by successive governments bleeding them dry. They are heavily in debt and due for major maintenance bills. Forget leaky houses, repairing leaking dams is going to be a much more expensive prospect. Rather than foot the bill for fixing these dinosaurs the government has sold them back to us so that we can pay half the bill.

It is bad enough that they are screwing the people of NZ, please don’t be stupid enough to brag about what a success it is and how we will go down in history as the government that changed the way Kiwis invest. You will notice that it is Bill English mouthing all these boasts – the PM is not stupid enough to be caught on camera heralding such tripe. However, they obviously breed a culture of contempt and superiority that MP Aaron Gilmore  was not mature enough to handle and has been caught taking it beyond the confines of parliament house.

These are the elected people that represent the government that the people who voted them in deserve.

Fastways The Ugly Truth

Fastway Couriers are often championed as a franchise success story.

Beneath all that glitz and glamour is much more sordid truth.  This is a company that leaves a trail of unpaid bills and devastated franchisees in its wake as it soars to success.

Our local franchise has had 5 owners in 4 years. When the last area franchisee absconded there were many people left unpaid.  Couriers who had delivered freight for the whole Fastway network left unpaid. When head office stepped in to run the franchise in the interim and unpaid bills were presented the response was, and I quote, “Good luck with that bill.”

Were the Fastway franchisors so flippant about getting their own money I wonder?

There are many other stories regarding their own employees and other sub contractors that shine a different light on this “award winning system” and its “good leadership skills” but that is for them to tell – although, if they would like to contact me I may provide a public forum for them to voice their story.

I think this arrogance and thievery has gone on unchecked long enough.  It is time for Fastway Couriers to stop hiding behind each business being “independently owned” and take ownership of its brand name (while it still has a brand name).  It is time to stop ripping off hard working Kiwi families. Take a stand before all they known as is that Fastway scam.


Feminist Spin Doctors

According to the news New Zealand is reverting to a sexist society because the wage gap between men and women increased a couple of percent according to recent poles.

Now the feminists are crying foul and saying that the statistics reflect sexism in pay rates. But is there another way to interpret the statistics?

Of course there are any number of reasons for this statistic showing increasing pay disparity.  First, there is possibly a connection between the number of jobs lost in the current recession and how many of those jobs were traditionally taken by women. It is impossible to know without the appropriate data. Just as the gathering of the data used in the statistics used to expose the pay parity discrepancy would have a great effect on the accuracy of their claim.

However, statistic accuracy aside, lets put another spin on the data.

Feminists are crying that it is the fault of the male population that women are being paid less.  Perhaps that is not the case at all. Perhaps it is a case of women undercutting men to steal their jobs.  Of course an employer is going to employ someone who comes along and says they will do the job for several thousand a year less. Thousands of men are being made redundant, or unable to get jobs because women are out there undercutting them and working for less money.

So is it the fault of men that women are paid less, or is it the fault of women driving down wages because they take jobs for less pay?

If someone isn’t paying a fair wage for the work they want done I don’t work for them. Yet it appears women are stepping and taking the job instead of holding out until the employer is prepared to pay a fair wage.

It is all a matter of perspective. Assuming a victim mentality, or crying for more legislation is not the answer. Get more skills and set your own pay rate. The fact that we have had women leading the country is a fair indication that there is nothing stopping women achieving what ever they want if they are prepared to sacrifice to get it.



Vigilante Roadside Inspections

The Government in its vast wisdom thinks that changing the way we govern vehicle safety will be beneficial to all. At least that is what they would have us believe.

I have no doubt that they actually think they can make more money with the proposed vigilante WOF system. First of all, they won’t have to monitor vehicle warrants any more. That will save a lot of bandwidth and a few staff members.  Then they will be able to auction off the rights to roadside vehicle inspections – that would be worth many millions of dollars.  Just think how many vehicles you see with a light not working, or a tyre that is borderline, never mind the many less obvious faults that a car fails a warrant with.

Removing the regular inspection checks and leaving it in the hands of roadside mercenaries would be a license to print money.  Not to mention dealing with the kind of people that would gravitate to a job like this – think vehicle clamping companies, and how often FairGo featured them. Imagine them on performance related pay, like police who “don’t have minimum traffic infringement requirements.”stop sign

No longer will you be able to schedule a warrant check at a convenient time. Now you will be pulled over at random and subjected to a test and the time involved in conducting that test.  Never mind you should be late for work, or on your way to your mother’s funeral, your daughter’s wedding, or other important engagement. If you are flagged by the roadside vigilantes you will be required by law to pull over, just as truck drivers are already targeted by road side inspection teams.

If our Government is going to sell this as a beneficial idea then they will have to come with a better idea than private companies impeding the travel of every day New Zealanders for personal gain.