Make Money While Others Sleep

One of the great sales pitches used online is the ability to “make money while you sleep.”  There is some truth in that statement because of the nature of the industry. You can make while you sleep, but only if you spend your waking hours setting up the systems that will enable you to do this.

What I have observed is that most people with money make their money while other people sleep. That is to say that they work for it. The people with money are taking action while many of sleep – or watch TV, or are involved in other forms of recreation.

One of things that never ceases to amaze me is the mental aptitude (or lack of it) with a lot of successful people. They were not the smartest kids in school, in fact many of them dropped out of school at an early age. They may have successful businesses, even serial successful business, and yet talking to them you might wonder how they did it.

They all have one thing in common. They took action.

While others discussed the pros and cons, or thought someone should do it, these are the people who went out and did it. They learned as they went, they failed, they got back up and tried again. Eventually, it paid off for them. Yes, I know that some people took a different route and got University degrees, corporate jobs, and eventually bought a company or started their own, but they seem to be the minority.

People who are successful in this life tend to be action takers. All the knowledge in the world will do you no good unless you take action. You can attend as many courses, seminars, programs as you can afford and it will do you no good at all unless you go out and take action on the information you learn.

Another interesting thing about these successful people is that they don’t wait until they know everything there is to know about something before they take action. Yes it pays to some due diligence before launching into a venture, but there is nothing like on-the-job training to accelerate the learning process. The key is to be able to learn from your mistakes, and learn quickly. Don’t keep repeating the same mistake hoping for a different outcome. Find a way to fix it.

Don’t fear mistakes. Many people are afraid to do something in case they fail. Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, is credited with this quote when questioned about his failures “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  He did not invent the theory behind the lightbulb, but he set about creating a system that could be reproduced  where electricity generated light. He did not look at the early attempts as failures, rather as narrowing the options. When he exhausted all the methods that wouldn’t work he knew he would be left with the way that would!

Another quote attributed to Edison is “everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.” Or put another way “Great ideas originate in the muscles.” Edison knew well that success required action. People who took massive action were the only ones reaping massive rewards.

The world has changed since the days of Edison, but the principles of success have not. If you want to be more successful than those around you, you have to take more action than they do. Make money while others sleep.

The NewsPaper Dinosaur

The newspaper – once a dynasty and now a dinosaur.

I find it fascinating that despite the downward spiral of the mighty newspaper that they have seemingly learned nothing along the way. At least that was the impression I got talking to a lady in the newspaper office today.

The story goes a little like this: I plan to run a competition in the local area as part of my marketing promotions for local businesses. This promotion will have some nice prizes for the participants (total prize pool in the thousands of dollars), it will also supply the businesses several forms of marketing material for the competition, and it was scheduled to have a center page spread in a local community newspaper.

To me that all seemed pretty logical. I provide a significant amount of effort organizing and supply the necessary material and prizes in return for payment from each of the businesses.  As part of the deal I would also design the entry forms/advertising to go in the local paper and pay the paper to run it.


According to at least one lady from one of the local papers, what I am doing is “ad farming.”

“I am sorry … what do you mean?” I reply.

Well … she goes … you are making money from our services.

So here is a newspaper telling me I am not allowed to advertise in their paper if I am making money from their services? Yes it is true. They are worried that I might steal their customers by buying in bulk and on-selling at a cheaper rate.

First of all, that is not the main intent of what I am trying to achieve.  Second of all – SO WHAT?

No wonder newspapers all around the world are going broke if they are all so anal that someone might be making money from selling their ad space. Ad space, which I hasten to add, that they are incapable of selling themselves.

Seriously, that is the way business works. Someone manufactures something, they sell it to wholesalers who make a profit by selling it to distributors, who make a profit by selling to retailers, who make a profit by selling to consumers.  But not in the newspaper game. No sir.

In the newspaper world (land of the dinosaurs) the only person allowed to make a profit is the newspaper, which is why they are not obviously.

The lady I was talking to said she wouldn’t be allowed to profit from my services.  I said why not? As long as I am making my money why should I care who else is making money? Which of course was not something she was able to comprehend.

I just can not believe that businesses in this day and age are so backwards in their thinking.

Hopefully my negotiations with the local competition newspaper do not also hit such an obstinate road block.

I guess if they do then at least I have found a way I can enter the local newspaper trade and run the others out of business.

**Wandering off shaking head in disbelief … muttering not very polite things about the small minded stupidity of newspaper publishers**


Mercury Marine Advertising Fail Unleashed.

Mercury Marine are the latest in advertising fails with their new television ad campaign.

This ad which is nothing special, but is nothing tragic either, simply encourages people to look at buying a new motor before the New Zealand Government slaps a GST (Goods Service Tax) price increase on everyone next month.

They even direct people from the ad to a website. Which is a good tactical move as it will give them some idea if their advertising expenditure is having any effect at all.


At the end of the advert the viewing audience is encouraged to visit to check out the deals and find a local dealer.

Whoever designed this ad needs to be looking for a new job – along with the person in charge of their website.

The ad creator needs a new job because they never checked the website, and the website manager needs a new job because he is rubbish. Sure the site looks pretty enough – but the majority of people who follow the instructions given in the advert are going to get this message:

advertising fail by mercury marine

Many of their expensive leads are going to be put off by such a message I am sure.

They could have corrected this error by telling people to go to “www.” which is actually where their site is indexed. Or they could set up their website correctly in the first place and people would be able to enter either version and still arrive at the website – all it takes is 2 small lines of code correctly inserted!

Not happy with this gaff Mercury Marine make another one.

My initial reaction when I discovered this error was to contact the person in charge of promotions and inform them of their error – as they may well not notice for weeks, if ever, and their campaign could suffer extensively.

However, upon finding the site I discover that Mercury Marine are so interested in their customers input that there is no way of contacting them. Sure you can find the local dealer’s information – but they are not Mercury Marine. And to be honest, I would not waste my breath dealing with the local dealers after past experience.

The closest thing I found to a contact for Mercury Marine was the job application email address – to which I sent an email asking to be put through to the promotions department. As yet no reply.

So in the mean time – congratulations on your advertising FAIL MERCURY MARINE.

Retail Marketing Tips

Today I went to two hardware stores. They are both large stores and they are next door to each other.

One store has a greeter at the door (a pretty young lady today) the other does not. I went into the store without a greeter at the door and wandered up and down the isles for 5 minutes  looking for an item. I was only approached by a member of the store staff because they wanted to walk past me and I was blocking the isle.

The store with the greeter was holding workshops for children during the school holidays. Today they got to decorate a small flower pot with paint, then a small candle was given to them to put in it. They were also given a blow-up tool with the company logo and were able to choose a cardboard box to put their treasures in. Total cost to children = $0.00.

Of course I went shopping while the children were busy being entertained. I was approached by several staff during the course of my browsing. The experience was entirely different from the other store. Guess which one is the most popular store with the general public?

There were a few staff members that I noticed even in the user friendly store that were more interested in personal conversations than making sales. So they could use some kind of monitoring system to ensure everyone is pulling their weight.

Amazingly there are many stores that do not train their staff in how to spend their time. Perhaps equally amazing is the attitude of the staff. In a time of recession you would think they would be doing everything can to ensure they have a job next week. This would include proving that you are a valuable member of the team, and making sales to ensure the profitability of the business.

You can tell those who go to work with an employee mentality. They believe the company owes them, is probably screwing them, and they are always looking for a way to get something for nothing. Entrepreneurs, even when working for other people, will be looking for ways to improve productivity and increase sales. A smart company will make sure they invest in these staff to retain them. A company that looses staff members with this aptitude will not only loose the benefits that these staff members generate, they will be giving their competitors a boost in productivity or may even be creating new competitors if the entrepreneur starts up their own business.

Tip for employees:

No matter your role in the company you have the ability to make yourself indispensable to the company.

Tip for employers:

Train and monitor the performance of your staff – then provide good staff an incentive to stay.