Nothing New

Britain has a new Government. We have a new “Apprentice.”  The USA has new natural disaster on their doorstep.

But does anything ever really change?

A wise man by the name of Solomon once said that there is nothing new under the sun. He said that just as the seasons come and go and come again, so it is that there is nothing new.  It has all been done before, and will be again.

Teens dying from alcohol overdoses may be a recent phenomenon, although teens doing stupid things is nothing new. I was rather interested to see the parents of a teen who OD’ed on alcohol feature on TV news. They were giving other teens advice about looking out for their mates, and not letting them get too drunk. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no admittance that their own parenting skills may have had anything to do with the matter.

These parents obviously have no understanding of what it means that the sins of the father will be passed down to the next generation.

Governments come and go, but it doesn’t seem to make any different to the average citizen. The only difference seems to be the ways they find to tax you.

How do you cope in a universe such as this?

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