Success And Death

I don’t know if I just becoming more aware or if there is actually an increasing trend of cancer mortality.  It seems that everyone I meet either has some form of cancer or is immediately connected with someone who is fighting cancer. If it isn’t cancer it is a heart condition.

Is it the Universe fighting back against the blight that mankind has become on the planet?

Is it the Creator of the Universe reminding us of our mortality?

Obviously we should be prepared for any such reality in our lives. But what lengths should we go to?

It would be hard for anyone to step into my business and take over. Should I have someone trained up to do that?

Insurance is another interesting dilemma.  A doctor suggests that health insurance is over-rated because they generally find a loophole to weasel out of paying when you find yourself in a situation to cash in on the policy.

Life insurance, or more correctly death insurance, is designed to pay out to those you leave behind.  But the amount you pay in compared to the payout becomes very redundant if you live an extended period of time. The way the fees are set up there is no reward for joining early in life anyway.

In this day and age the majority of people do not have the discretionary income to cover such expenditure anyway, and these are the people who would most benefit from the policies.

Death might be the great leveler but there is nothing fair about the when and how, nor the effect on those left behind.

When you are thinking about how to measure if you are successful or not, how does your death feature into the result?

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