Failure And The Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Failure

Why do we fear failure so much?

Many of us a paralysed by the fear of failure. We don’t do anything we think there may be a possibility that we may not achieve.  Nothing is attempted unless their is a better than 98% chance we will succeed.

Is it our school system that drums into us that 98 is an “A” and anything less is a failure?  Robert Kiyosaki  teaches that schools teach us to fail by not encouraging us to learn through failures.  If we get a 98% result we celebrate the 98 instead of focusing on the 2% which is where the learning will occur.

Or perhaps it is that we think everyone is watching and waiting for us to fail so they can devour us like a bunch of piranha.  Where would we get that idea? The media that devours every little mistake made by “celebrities” perhaps?

Maybe it is the people in our lives that like to pull others down because it makes them feel better about the failure that they consider their own lives to be.

What ever the reason we fear failure, if we want to achieve our dreams the fear has to be overcome. We all make mistakes – learning from them is how we move forward.

Living in the fear of failure stops us taking any action.  No action is perhaps the greatest failure we can make in our life.

A tip from Dave Navarro The Launch Coach on his blog post How To Afford Anything:

Remember that every successful person started out with zero clients and zero sales, and many of them began with fewer credentials than you have.

Every successful person took action at one point in their life.  Just like anyone else they had to start from a position of no success at one point in their life. They took action. And probably failed. But they kept learning and moving forward until they achieved success.

Try something new today.

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