Time Is A Curious Thing

I missed most of an online webinar today because I am in New Zealand and no one told me that yesterday was a change in daylight time in EST USA.  Which if you are in the position of hosting webinars I ask that you always a GMT time – it just makes sense!

As I write this it is currently 10pm. I was just interrupted by a phone call from some telephone marketing company selling some kind of promotional holiday package.  After listening to her initial spiel I replied “At 10 o’clock at night?”

The telemarketer started up again, and I interrupted “At 10 o’clock?”  After several of these interchanges she finally goes “Well should I call back tomorrow.”  Sorry lady, but you blew it.  If there had been any chance of me being interested in your deal, calling me at 10pm wrecked it.

You can be in time, on time, out of time. It can be almost time, past time, plenty of time, no time.  It is enough to have your mind working over time.

But there is one thing for sure, you only have so much time.  We don’t know how much time we have been allotted, but once our time is up there is no extra innings.

I have a friend whose mother recently went to hospital for a minor complaint and was told she has 3 months to live.  Another friend was playing soccer recently when his heart gave out.

Time is a curious thing.

We think and act like we have unlimited time…  Until it is too late.

We sell this limited commodity called time for a few dollars an hour, or even worse we squander it on meaningless activities. We can not buy back our time, we can not live it again.  We get one shot to use our time.

Would you spend your time any differently if you were told you only had a few weeks left?

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