Keeping Customers – By Shotgun

“Any Customer Tries To Escape I Shoot!”

What lengths would you go to keep a customer?

Being in business myself I work on the philosophy that if a customer wants out the best action for me is to open the door.

I am astounded at people who think their best course of action is to hold a customer against their will – perhaps using a legal contract rather than a shotgun, but to the same effect.

Why would you want someone forced to remain connected to you when they are obviously going to be doing everything they can to cause damage to you and your business?

Isn’t the statistic something like for every negative report about your company it takes 10 good ones to compensate?  And that is just an average Joe negative report, imagine an entire media campaign of negativity …

Know when to hold’em and when to fold’em is all I am saying.

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